Reservation Forms

Here are the forms you are familiar with for reserving activities, housing and camping on the grounds.

Activity Reservation Form – For reserving the Kitchen, the Rec. Center, the Youth Chapel, the OCAA building and the Tabernacle.

Housing Request Form– For reserving the Roberts House upstairs or downstairs units or the whole house.

Hutment Reservation Form – For reserving the Sea Breeze, High Tide, Fair Winds, the Sheehy Cottage, the Providence Cottage or the Chesworth Cottage.

Muddy Cove Retreat Center Room Reservation Form – For reserving a “motel”room/rooms or the suite.

Camping Reservation Form – For reserving a camping site for either a trailer/motor-home or a pop-up camper/tent.

Storage Request Form – for requesting trailer/motorhome winter storage.

Winter Storage of Trailers/Motor-homes will cease effective Oct 15, 2018


These forms will be updated as soon as information is received.