The Property, known as the Onset Campground (Grounds), in Onset, Massachusetts, is owned by the Community of Christ, formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Church), and is operated by the Onset Campground Board of Trustees (Board) in accordance with the beliefs and practices of the Church. These Regulations govern the use of the said Campground and shall be binding upon Lessee, heirs, and assigns. Individuals coming onto the Grounds agree, by their presence, to comply with all Regulations. Lessees shall inform their guests of these Regulations.

  1. Any cottage owner choosing to rent the premises for more than one (1) month to any other party must secure written approval from the Trustees by first submitting a written request for authorization to rent to the Trustees.
  2. Prior written approval by the Board is required before any alterations to the grounds or structures are begun, including, but not limited to, tree removal, moving houses, building additions, erecting fences.
  3. Proper permits for building, electrical, gas, plumbing and sanitary repairs and improvements must be obtained from the Town of Wareham approval of proposed alterations by the Board.
  4. Dumping of trash, garbage, or any other refuse is PROHIBITED on the Grounds. The Board may designate a place for leaves and brush disposal. Each cottage owner must provide covered refuse containers. The Board arranges for periodic rubbish collection for a fee, however, each cottage owner is responsible for properly disposing of large items, unless a heavy pick-up day or dumpster is provided.
  5. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or mind altering substances is PROHIBITED on the Grounds. Anyone determined to be in violation of this while on the Grounds will be notified in writing that they must comply with these Regulations or leave the Grounds.
  6. Smoking is a health and fire hazard and is PROHIBITED outside of cottages.
  7. All vehicles on the Grounds shall observe the traffic signs.
  8. Open outside fires may be built only if a permit from the Onset Fire Department is secured.
  9. Construction and remodeling work is PROHIBITED on Sunday except in an emergency situation.
  10. Swimming and other such sports activates are PROHIBITED during church services. This regulation remains in effect during reunions, camps, and special events although each activity may have its additional rules.
  11. Lessees have the right of passage on the roadways and are PROHIBITED from obstructing passage by others.
  12. N0 person shall at any time own more than one cottage in his/her own right.

Updated 10/05