Contact Us Via E-mail

If you need or desire to contact the Onset Board of Trustees in general, one of the Onset Congregation pastorate or one of the rental persons this is the place.

Because we all work together in a symbiotic relationship, questions or inquiries pertaining to management of the grounds, policies and operations should be sent to the Onset Board of Trustees.  Questions or inquiries of a religous nature (i.e. sacrements, services, worship times and places, etc.) should be sent to the Onset Congregation Pastorate.  Housing, room and facility availability questions or inquiries should be sent to the rental persons. Keep in mind though that no one group has dominate controll over the others.  Therefore; you may have to contact all groups or the mission center in order to get your question or inquiry answered completely.

To contact the Onset Board of Trustees use this link. You may also contact the board at: PO Box 893 Onset, MA 02558.

To contact the Onset Congregation Pastor use this link.

To contact one of the rental person use this link.


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