The Onset Community consists of approximately 80 cottages and homes some of which are year round and others are seasonal.  Each cottage is privately owned with the lot it sits on leased from the World Church.  The Onset Board of Trustees is an elected body that represents the Church’s interests, manages and maintains the Church’s property on the grounds. The Board consists of nine elected positions and two Mission Center representatives. The Board is organized under its By-Laws(click the link to see a copy of the By-Laws). Three members of the Board are elected annually, at the Onset Conference, to three year terms. Click on the link above to see a list of the current board members. The three major positions on the Board are Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Along with these are several other committees (Operations, Marketing/Utilization,Communications, Charitable Concerns, Governance, Rentals,etc.) which provide for the day to day running of the grounds. The Onset Community also consists of the cottage owners, campers, renters and guests who provide the labor force for many of the tasks associated with the grounds and their upkeep. Because lots are limited and homes are passed down through inheritance, there is a waiting list for homes as they become available for sale. To view the list click on the link.