About Us

The Onset Campgrounds are part of the World Church under the control of the New England Mission Center and managed by the Onset Board of Trustees. To learn more about the Onset Community and the Board of Trustees, click on COMMUNITY under the ABOUT US menu item at the top of this page.

In addition to the general facilities and organizations that reside on the campgrounds, there are permanent residents living on the grounds. These “cottage owners” may be either year round dwellers or seasonal residents. The cottage owner as well as our guests and visitors create the community experience that is enjoyed by so many when they come to the campgrounds.

The Onset Congregation is the winter contingent of the Community of Christ. Its numbers swell during the summer months and recede in the winter ones. Our pastor is William Brousseau. He as well as visiting ministers from around the Mission Center and our local priesthood meet the spiritual needs of the congregation.